With its release drawing closer still, Team Cherry has confirmed that its upcoming homage to Castlevania will soon appear on Nintendo’s new console.

Hollow Knight, the story of a small hero in a large and dangerous world, has been in development for a good while now. As with everything, there’s always the opportunity for change, and the Adelaide based creators went on record last week to confirm that, yes, they’re working on a Switch port now too.

The unfortunate side effect from this decision its its Wii U cousin, which has unfortunately been cancelled in the wake of the Switch. That choice wasn’t just based on bringing it across to a newer platform, however, as Team Cherry confirmed on their website:

Our Wii U release has recently been hampered by several technical challenges and though we’d love to see Hollow Knight on our favourite console, we feel the quality difference would end up such that Wii U players will be experiencing a lesser version of the game.

– Team Cherry, Courtesy of the official website.

So Wii U owners might miss out, but those who adopt a Switch will be more than happy to see Hollow Knight join the release schedule. The final date for release hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s expected to launch in 2017 following an appearance on PC and Mac. Judging from the full blog post, that release doesn’t sound too far away, so start getting excited!

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