Why didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner?! Arc System Works are currently working on a direct sequel to the classic brawler, Double Dragon, and it’s like I’ve stepped back in time to when I played the first game from beginning to end with my best mate on the NES back in 1992.

In a completely opposite direction to the last game in the series (Double Dragon Neon by WayForward), Double Dragon IV takes a massive step back by embracing the original designs and artwork in its continuation of Billy and Jimmy’s crusade through villainy. From the action to the 8-bit visuals to the musical score, it’s like someone pulled this out of the archives like a forgotten game and re-released it for the fans.

Arc System Works are certainly no strangers to the series, having worked on the Sega Master System port of the original adventure all the way back in 1988. They’ve since gone on to introduce us to the likes of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue and, in many ways, it makes sense that they return to the very first game they worked on as a company in the advent of Double Dragon’s 30th anniversary (the original arcade game was published by Taito in 1987).

By the sounds of it, there will be a ton of content to get through. Besides the obvious story mode that can be played solo or with a friend, there’s Duel Mode that allows you to fight one-on-one with any character unlocked during play (think a traditional fighting game in a Double Dragon skin). There’s also Tower Mode, where you have just one life to try and advance up a tower of increasingly difficult enemies and see how long you can last. Challenge accepted, Arc!

What’s better than just learning about a classic reborn? Knowing that it’s due in just under a week’s time, January 30th to be exact, on PS4 and Steam. There’s no word on whether it will appear on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, but keep an ear to the ground, things change rapidly in this day and age.

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