Unless you’re living in a cave or under a rock … or both … you’ll be well aware that in just over a week, RTX Sydney will be up and running at the new Convention Centre near Darling Harbour. Amongst Kojima, the many Rooster Teeth employees and Nintendo Switch consoles on show, there will also be a ton of indie games on display for you to check out. We’re slowly but surely getting confirmation of who will be there, but here’s a few to keep an eye on if you’re attending:

Death Squared

Considered one of the best multiplayer puzzlers going around, Death Squared has four players work with or against each other in solving various platform based puzzles with plenty of humour and colour in their selected robot box drones. It’s heading to Steam in the next few months, but you’ll get the chance to try it out early here.

A Township Tale

There will be plenty of VR stations at the con, if what we’re hearing is true, and A Township Tale will be leading the pack to grab your attention. Think of it as a giant social sandbox, where players can communicate and work with or against each other to build their town up. It looks like a blast and will surely bring some laughs. You may have already seen it at PAX last year too. Check out a little behind the scenes on the game thanks to our friends at Pixelsift.

Brief Battles

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the couch co-op game that has you using your underpants as a weapon. Currently in development in Adelaide by Juicy Cupcake (is it edible?), you’ll be able to take on three of your friends or three total strangers and help the team iron out some kinks or learn a thing or two about their own creation.

Siegecraft Commander & Gunscape

Blowfish Studios have been putting together some quality productions of late, Siegecraft Commander having just released on Xbox One and PS4. You’ll get the chance to try it and their other release, Gunscape, on the floor over the weekend.

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