Counterplay Games have released their latest 1.79 patch for Duelyst, which has revealed that for a limited amount of time, the team will be testing out boss battles, among other tweaks, that will have ‘duellers’ – I’ve officially coined the term – clamouring to test out their skills and decks.

The two new and exciting bosses to challenge will be AI controlled, featuring a unique deck, and starting board state. As a reward for beating the new challenge, duellers will receive a Boss crate, which includes one common chest key and gauntlet ticket, three Shim’zar spirit orbs, and a random legendary card.

The boss battles will be available for a limited amount of time only, so get to it! Calibero – pictured above – is now live and ready for a showdown.


Other updates included in the patch are changes to the Daily Challenges. A temporary change will see the Daily challenge replaced by a free Common Card of the day, that can be claimable every 24-hours.

The Daily Challenge will not be lost forever, the Duelyst team are aware of its popularity and have decided to take some time to improve and refine the system, in the hopes of presenting a greater rewards challenge.


The Monthly cards will also be dialled back in favour of bigger expansions and special events. And there is also a sneak peek into a new limited time game mode, which will be released in the near future, called: a Continuous Draft mode. If you have ever wanted to combine characters from each faction, this mode promises to deliver.

There is much more to come in 2017 for Duelyst. Counterplay Games are continuing to work on their mobile and console releases, as well as localisation, a worldwide release, and much more! So, go and give Duelyst some of your quality time, and let us know how you go in the boss battles in the comments, or over on twitter @PlayNicePlayNow.

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