The keen eyes of our own Dr Vane pointed out this strange new game that just released on Steam and … well let’s just say, that can’t be a coincidence.

There isn’t much on the game outside of its Steam page, but here’s the skinny. 1-2-Swift (yes, that’s what it’s called) is a 1v1 twitch shooting party game that pits two players against each other through the HTC Vive (or keyboard) in a cowboy style shootout. The trailer (which I can’t find on YouTube, but you can see on Steam) shows two players using one Vive controller each and not watching the screen to see when to ‘draw’.

Sounds familiar, right?


1-2-Switch, Nintendo’s party game compilation heading to the Switch console, also features a 1v1 cowboy shootout, to the point that it led its trailer campaign in a live action fashion. It isn’t the only game, of course, but it’s one of the more prominent ones showing off the potential of both the game and its new Joy-Con controllers.

1-2-Swift, on the other hand, seems like a hastily put together cash-in on this sudden need to have ‘1-2’ in front of your game, that and the idea of a guns first battle without having to watch the screen to be involved of course. Publishers Pitaya Network and developers MNGOVR have only released one other game on Steam, the Bomberman inspired Bomb U, which has reasonably positive reviews. Whether 1-2-Swift will follow in its footsteps is hard to judge, it only came out today, but it doesn’t exactly hide its inspirations as well as its predecessor.

Will this be the first game to ‘seemingly’ copy Nintendo’s new ideas? Probably not, it’s certainly not the first either. Mario style platformers and Pokemon rips are a common addition to the likes of Google Play and the App Store, with varying levels of inspiration and direct ripoff. This one, however, kinda sticks out like a sore thumb … but hey, who are we to judge, it might actually be good …

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