It’s barely a month away from launch, but we’re starting to get a better idea of what’s coming to the Nintendo Switch. We’ve already talked about a handful of indies that have been confirmed for Nintendo’s new console over the last few weeks, but we’re continually hearing more making the *ahem* Switch. Here’s the latest confirmations, and maybe a few you missed:


RPG’s seem to have a home at the Switch and, though they may not have the name ‘Final Fantasy’ in their title, there’s plenty to like about the lineup so far. Oceanhorn should cover for those looking for a more traditional Zelda-ish adventure, as confirmed by FDG Entertainment on Twitter.

The Nicalis Story

Whether it was leaked, an accident or deliberate, publisher Nicalis posted an image on their own Twitter feed a little while ago that showed off the likes of Cave Story and 1001 Spikes on the Switch’s main menu, which have since been confirmed. In fact, Nicalis has a number of indie titles on their Switch lineup already, including the day one release Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + and action racer Redout.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

The Wonder Boy revival will take a trip to Nintendo’s console later this year, and we’ve already exclaimed our excitement over the prospect of a platform hero’s return. It’ll be interesting to see whether any of the Switch’s extra functions, such as the touch screen or motion control, will be added to the Switch port.

World of Goo & Little Inferno

It’s somewhat surprising to see two indies that have been around for a few years make the jump across, but there’s no denying how good both of them are. The Tomorrow Corporation confirmed both titles will also be available at launch, so if you’re looking to pick up something special for your brand new piece of tech, you’d do worse than try either World of Good or Little Inferno. Little is known about either port at this point, however, so expect very little in the way of anything new.

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