When the news came in today that the ABC had cancelled long running video game show Good Game after 10 years, it was a hard piece of news to comprehend.

On the one hand, the ABC have long supported the show, allowing for diverse explorations into the many games, companies and communities in Australia and around the world through Good Game’s colourful and entertaining episodes. On the other, the station itself has had numerous production cuts and reductions in funding from the local Australian government over the past few years, in turn forcing their hand in terms of the productions it could support or create at any one time. It seems, despite Good Game’s success, there was no alternative.

It’s a sad day, perhaps also a reflection of our modern ways of entertainment consumption. Good Game did its best to adapt with its audience over its 10 year run, introducing online only episodes like Good Game Pocket and an eSports specific show too, as well as a more tongue in cheek series dedicated to its younger audience (Spawn Point, which is the only surviving member of the cancellation order, according to sources).  In the end, there were too many factors at play, it seems, but we’re confidant in the knowledge that everyone involved behind the scenes and in front of the camera still have plenty to offer across many other forms of entertainment.

We had an exciting year planned ahead for Good Game and I had never been so jazzed about how we were going to change the look and feel of the show to make it more lively, relevant, up to date and with a lot more faces on screen. This isn’t how I envisioned GG ending, but curtain always comes down eventually, and often for reasons out of your control, so you go into TV knowing that.  We’re all feeling very emotional about it, and I think that’s because we care so much about what we do and what you think of us.

– Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell (Courtesy of his official blog).

On a personal note, I remember long ago when I first started using Twitter and finding myself in a brief but funny conversation with Bajo. I can’t quite remember what it was about, but I recall feeling rather excited and a little taken aback that someone I looked up to and appreciated had even bothered to acknowledge that I existed. That’s the kind of group the GG team were, thoughtful and always appreciative of its fan base, Tweeting constantly about their love of video games and listening to the feedback. Though I never met any of Good Game in person, hopefully one day I might bump into them and to say thank you, not just for being the show it was, but providing such positive vibes across the local community.

So farewell Good Game, for now at least. We wish everyone involved good luck for the future and please, don’t be strangers. We’d love to talk to you and keep you around in our amazing gaming community for many years to come, whatever form that may be.

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