When the owners and creators are too stubborn to make a sequel to one of the most celebrated franchises of all time, there’s only one thing left to do. That’s exactly what Peter Sjostrand thought eight years ago, and today that journey to create his own Mega Man is finally complete and available in full.

Mega Man 2.5D is a cross between the traditional Capcom based platformers and something akin to Paper Mario or Pez, where-by the world turns left and right to mimic a 3D world. It definitely looks more impressive in motion than through screenshots.

The initial beta dropped way back in 2013, leading to today’s full release that includes a full assortment of levels in both single player and co-op modes. There’s also two versus options, a traditional deathmatch and Point Chase, a save system and a solid 60fps during play. Not bad for a fan game.

Here’s hoping Mega Man 2.5D doesn’t go the way of the many other talented fan projects that Nintendo shutdown last year, and sticks around for some time to come. You can download it via the official site.

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