You may recall a rather humorous little mobile game a few years ago called Tiny Tower. In it, you’re tasked with building a tower as tall as possible and complete various objectives in-between. It was one of my early iOS favourites, though I don’t think I ever quite got the hang of it properly. Charming Keep looks set to grab my attention in just the same way, though this time it’s less about building the tallest skyscraper and more about saving princes.

Charming Keep comes to us from the minds of Shooty Skies and Disney Crossy Road, Melbourne based Mighty Games, and its in keeping (pun intended) with their colour and creativity. Though it does seem to follow a more traditional mobile setup of building then waiting for things to unlock to build more, there’s plenty of humour and simplicity to its design that should appeal to many. Every playthrough will be different for every player, meaning your castle will appear unique compared to others. Having loved Tiny Tower back in the day, I can see myself putting in many an hour into this one too. Hopefully there will be a few in-jokes floating around in the grand Shooty Skies tradition…

You can check it out for yourself now on iOS and very soon for Android users.

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