Working on your own video game outside of work can be difficult at best. Time takes away from all the things you need to put into, but all power and positive vibes to everyone that wants to make their dreams come true between the real life shambles. Alwa’s Awakening joins that good vibes club today on Steam, an almost three year project by Mikael Forslind, and it beautifully captures the old school platformers I grew up with.

Alwa’s Awakening tells the story of Zoe, the little hero that could. Where once she was playing her favourite video game, now she finds herself within the very world she was enjoying, and must now use a powerful magic staff to solve puzzles and rid the world of Alwa of its pain and many evil’s. In short, if you’ve already seen me gush over Shovel Knight’s take on an 8-bit world, and Alwa equally captures that feel of a true challenge amongst its retro aesthetics.

Forslind currently juggles working in the Marketing division of fellow indie studio Zoink Games with his own personal efforts on Alwa since 2014. Clearly the late nights and long hours have been justified, and it represents the perfect example of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it, even when it seems like you don’t have enough time in a day to pull it off (or in the case of Forslind, even if you’ve never made a game before). He wasn’t on his own, teaming up with a number of talented individuals including pixel artists Alexander Berggren and music mastermind Robert Kreese to bring his dreams to reality, all from a 14 page document full of ideas that stemmed from a night of retro games.

You can be guaranteed that once I return from this little adventure of mine, this will be right on top of my must play list. You can check it out on Steam as of today.

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