Yes, you may have noticed we’re not posting as often this week. That’s largely due to the fact I’m on my first, proper holiday in God knows how long. I’m currently sitting in my hotel room in Melbourne, enjoying the much cooler conditions compared to the hot, humid weather that greeted me in Sydney last weekend for RTX.

Whilst I’m still gathering all my memories and thoughts of all the amazing Indie game content I got my hands on (you may have noticed I’ve talked about a few already), I thought I’d take a quick moment or two in sharing my thoughts on Rooster Teeth’s second outing here in Australia. Safe to say, it was a massive improvement over the first edition, and not just because of the air conditioning.


Held at the newly opened International Convention Centre, RTX Sydney 2017 held a lot of promise. There were more booths, more games, the Nintendo Switch, plenty of amazing guest talent and … some guy named Kojima? Not sure who that was, but everyone loved him.

I’m kidding, of course. The man that made Metal Gear Solid a household name certainly stole the show whenever he appeared, and his presence certainly added to the excitement of the two days. I’ll admit, I haven’t played much of the franchise, but I hold him in such high regard because of his imagination, his understanding of the industry and his willingness to try new things. So to see him in the flesh, and see so many excited for him to be there, made me smile.


I’ve already talked about the Switch itself, and I’ll go into greater detail over its big launch title Breath of the Wild, but the fact that the line to get into the booth was relatively long across the entire weekend is a good sign. The booth was well designed and allowed for those outside to partake in the fun of watching someone eat countless hot dogs or milk endless cows. Everyone I talked to praised the consoles design and the games on show, so who knows, maybe Nintendo are finally onto a winner again.

The venue itself was perfectly suited to RTX. There was plenty of space, plenty to see and do, and even with the mad number of people that walked the halls and sat in lines, there wasn’t a frown in sight. Compare that to last year, when the heat and the crowded walkways made things far more difficult than they needed to be, and you can tell that everything we were worried about from its Aussie debut were taken into account, solved and improved upon in every way imaginable. Thank God, perhaps, that the new convention centre was ready in time.


As for the guests, I have to give all credit to them. Everywhere they went, they smiled, they laughed, they shook hands and took photos. They didn’t have to, but the family aspect of Rooster Teeth was on show for all to see. Everyone in that venue can attest to how cool it was to be shoulder to shoulder with Burnie Burns or Ryan Haywood, only for them to be just as thrilled and entertained by their fans. As I pointed out to The Know host Ashley Jenkins, there’s nothing else like it, and hopefully next year will be even bigger still.

If I had one gripe, and it’s a minor one, the entrance into the convention needs a little work. Some fans were confused as to where to stand, VIP’s had to push their way into the front of the cue, and the mad rush into the venue as it opened could have caused a few problems for those not fast enough (luckily, that wasn’t an issue in the end). Bag checks were introduced halfway through the first day, thanks to a few people bringing in unwanted items, which confused those who were just trying to get back into the main hall. Like I said, minor gripes that will no doubt be looked at and, again, improved upon next year.

All told, RTX Sydney 2017 was a fantastic experience. Personally, it was my first time interviewing (and I mean, properly, Journalist like interviewing) special guests and I learnt a lot from it. I was awkward, but that’s just me, but I know now what to expect when I do that again … and I will, no doubt. I’ll have those interviews uploaded for a special podcast once I return home to Perth in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that.

For now, I leave you with this parting thought as I head out for another day relaxing and enjoying the time off. Everyone at that venue, from the guests to the staff and the volunteers, put on a fantastic show. They should all be commended for their commitment, not just to their jobs, but to their fans. I hope that everyone that attended enjoyed it as much as I did, and they they’ll continue to support Rooster Teeth, Hanabee, Double Jump and the many organisations, fan groups and indie studios that attended and showed off their wares. I will be, for many years to come, and I’m already counting down the days until I get to do it all over again.

I’ll be back with another indie highlight soon. In the meantime, if you see me around Melbourne, don’t be shy and come say hello!

Oh, one last thing. Greg Miller is a God among men. Bless his soul.

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