The Elder Scrolls Online has had an impressive haul of updates released within the last few months, Including The One Tamriel update released last year, which enabled players to venture through any zone in Tamriel, regardless of their alliance or level. ESO has now dropped its latest update of player housing called Homestead.

As the name suggests, players can choose from an assortment of up to 40 unique homes spread across various regions of Tamriel. This update introduces over 2,000 custom home furnishings and decorations, along with an in-built home editor to enable you to further customise your quarters.


If you feel like releasing your inner real estate mogul, players can actually endeavour to own every single property within the game. Homes are account based so all your characters can enjoy a place to rest their weary heads once adventuring has taken its toll.

Getting started in Homestead is pretty simple. You can either purchase your first home directly from the Crown Store, furnished or unfurnished, or complete the Homestead tutorial. Upon finishing the tutorial quest “A Friend In Need”, you’ll be gifted with your very first home, a humble room in an Inn. Most players will likely upgrade from this dwelling to something bigger and maybe even more luxurious. There are a variety of homes to cater for everyone’s tastes including, apartments, estates and island retreats. This isn’t without some hefty costs. The price of homes can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of in-game gold, not to mention the properties that are only sold exclusively on the Crown Store.

Once you’ve obtained your new abode, you’ll most likely want to decorate. Furniture and decorations can be either purchased from selected vendors across Tamriel or crafted. This enables you to add your own personal touch to your home, either by purchasing or crafting various different styles of decor. Even your trusty in-game pets can be featured inside your home by placing them where you like with the housing editor.

Although Homestead is the main attraction of this latest update, a whole addition of features have been added including, Master Crafting Writs and new PVP features along with various fixes and improvements for the entire game.

If all of this wasn’t already enough, ZineMax Studios have also announced a brand spanking new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online titled Morrowind, set to release this June.

Homestead is now available on PC/MAC, and will be coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One on February 21st.

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