gardenslogoThe Voxel Agents revealed their next big game last week, and I couldn’t help but share my curiosity over this strange new world.

The Gardens Between tells the story of Arina and Frendt, two friends who set out on a journey through puzzle filled gardens, all interlinked through time. As the official website explains, the journey they take will be full of ‘mysterious gardens’, but what kind of mysteries could we expect? And where did these gardens come from?

The teaser trailer, coming in at just under a minute, suggests a world that isn’t of our own. How these two friends arrive in such a strange situation isn’t completely explained, though there’s no doubt that time travel will play a big part in that and the shape these worlds take as you travel through them. The islands shown off so far are filled with broken PC’s, desert like landscapes surrounded by water, and alien like contraptions that have are two chosen heroes working together to reach.

The vibrant world grows around objects from their past to form curious combinations of time and imagination. Together they traverse a bittersweet story of friendship where the forwards and backwards traversal of time makes cause and effect malleable. Memories surface as the duo stargaze, illuminating the meaning and depth of their friendship.

– via The Voxel Agents (

The Voxel Agents are known for their puzzling exploits in the past, so expect plenty of head scratching, but The Gardens Between is a strikingly beautiful and world both in colour and in animation. That’s in part thanks to their partnership with writer Brooke Maggs, illustration studio Soft Science and key animator Josh Bradbury. Coupled with the minds behind Puzzle Retreat, the team have put together what can only be described as a complete departure from their previous work visually, more a moving painting than a puzzle board or energetic train set, yet familiar in its themes of engaging puzzle solving. All that, wrapped in a story about friendship and its meaning.

The Gardens Between is currently slated for a Q4, 2017 release on both PC and Mac, so it may be some time before our questions are answered, but hopefully the final product will be as intriguing as this little teaser itself.

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