I’m not tired of retro platformers yet, not even in the slightest. The more that release, the more excited I get, because the trend isn’t just to copy what came before and remember the past, it’s to evolve it. Narita Boy is the next step in that evolution, a digital world full of pixelated familiarity and stunning ingenuity.


Developed out of Spain by Studio Koba, Narita Boy tells the story of a video game come to life, where you become the title character and are tasked with defending the digital kingdom. Swinging the Techno Sword and brimming with Trichroma energy, you’re a one man wrecking machine out to put an end to the Stallion invasion.

Even at this early stage, Narita Boy’s animation is above and beyond. The lead character moves with an amazing level of fluidity and detail, the trailer promising something akin to action films like Turbo Kid and Tron mixed with the modern sensibilities of Shovel Knight and action novel, Ready Player One. As the developers themselves explain, there’s an air of He-Man and The Last Starfighter in its designs and ideas, two things I’m more than happy to get behind after all these years.

There’s so much to like about the look and feel, but it’s how Narita Boy plays that will define its overall experience. Unfortunately we won’t know the answer to that just yet, but by backing the game on its current Kickstarter there’s a greater chance we may see it on other systems beyond the planned PC/Mac/Linux. The initial goal is rather low in the grand scheme of things (with 31 days to go at the time of this article, it’s already made over a quarter of its target), so I can see it making that rather comfortably. It’s the stretch goals that are most interesting, with the potential to port to PS4, Xbox One and yes, Nintendo Switch.

I hadn’t heard anything about the game until it appeared on my Twitter feed last week, but word of mouth has spread rather rapidly already. It’s not hard to see why either, as Nairta Boy captures the perfect marriage between the old and the new. Check out the trailer and tell me you don’t think the same once it’s over. I have my fingers tightly crossed that it’s able to deliver on this promise of quality.

Head over to the Kickstarter page to learn more and by all means donate if you’re keen on Narita Boy as much as I am.

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