We’ve got one hell of a week of games to get through, but first, a little something of a game we’ve previously talked about and are madly looking forward to … especially now.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a lovingly crafted homage to a classic Sega published platformer. If you couldn’t tell that before, this newest trailer should help, detailing its retro mode that switches back and forth between its colourful modern skin and its 8-bit original, Wonder Boy III.

It’s not the first game to have something like it, but it is the first to include a mode that allows you to chop and change between modern and classic audio too. With a flick of a button, you can have an old-school score backing you up on your adventures through your hand drawn HD adventures, or visa versa. You can see how close the modern design is to the original, though a few things have been modified ever so slightly to make things work in tandem within the game code. Speaking of which, you’ll also be able to reload your original Wonder Boy III game saves … how on Earth they got that to work is beyond me!

Going back to the old look is a neat touch, giving you the option of switching between either form at will, though I’ll be honest when I say I’ll be sticking with the modern look and sounds for the most part. That score is just magical, and the visuals are looking rather crisp too. It’s seemingly coming together perfectly. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, especially for the Switch on the road.

Wonder boy: The Dragon’s Trap is scheduled for release later this year on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch by Lizardcube and DotEmu.

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