Earlier this morning our time, Nintendo threw open the doors of its Nindies campaign, its term used to describe independent developers working and publishing on the Nintendo Switch, etc. We’ve now got a stronger idea of what to expect on that front and the term ‘promising’ comes to mind. Here’s a couple of the bigger highlights from the event itself.

Steamworld Dig 2

One of my favourites, of which I discovered on the Wii U back in the day, Steamworld Dig will soon have a bigger, bolder sequel! Whilst Steamworld Heist was a departure from the digging experience, we’re going straight back into it here. There’s the promise of a lot more to discover, larger mines and deeper secrets, so count me in as an early adopter.

Stardew Valley

We already knew Stardew Valley was headed to the new console. What we didn’t know was that a new co-op mode would be coming with it! Working together to build your farm will go down as an equally addictive experience, but more importantly it’s good to see these indies working closely with Nintendo to provide new experiences instead of just another port.

Runner 3

This I wasn’t anticipating, so it’s nice to have a surprise or two ahead of the console’s release. Runner and its sequel are regarded highly in many circles, and Commander Video will be bringing a host of new retro challenges and apparently a few dance moves too when he returns for a third outing later this year. It’s also looking even more detailed and vibrant than before, which I didn’t think was possible, but there you go.


Another positive within all these announcements (17 in all) is the fact that many are taking advantage of the HD Rumble within the Joy-Cons. Tumbleseed is but one of many that will be using this new feature when it launches later this year.

Whether you buy a Nintendo Switch on launch day or later in the year, there looks to be plenty to play going forward and plenty of support for the indies … sorry, ‘Nindies’.

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