THQ Nordic have slowly been exploring the back catalogue of THQ’s remains, and it’s great to see old names like Lock’s Quest is one of them that’s set to make a comeback. The original was Scribblenauts creator 5th Cell’s second ever release back in the DS days, but now it’s headed to PC and console in full HD.


Lock’s Quest tells the story of Lock, a young boy caught between the Kingdom Force and the Clockwork Army. Combining role playing, strategy and tower defence elements, you’ll build up your defences and fight off the Clockwork Army as best you can with the limited time you have. Think of it as a Fire Emblem like strategy game mixed with a more traditional RPG, with the combat split into two rounds; Build and Battle.

In Build, you’ll have a collection of turrets, towers, walls and traps that you can place within a section of the play field. You’ll only get a brief amount of time to place everything where you like before the the round switches to Battle. Here, you’ll discover whether your defences hold out as you fight the enemy in a more traditional action setting.

The original Lock’s Quest released back in 2008 on Nintendo’s dual screen handheld, and by all accounts it was well received. I enjoyed it myself, it was a great way of combining the tower defence genre with a little more action, with the DS dual screen making it rather easy to place tiles onto the field. This HD remaster, developed by New York based Digital Continue, aims to bring back the adventure with a fresh coat of paint and a few changes to improve the gameplay. Obviously there’s no second or touch screen here, but there’s also the promise of an updated soundtrack and higher res visuals.

It should be noted that Digital Continue was founded by former 5th Cell members, so it’s in the right hands. I’m keen to see how well it translates to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, specifically how it works with a traditional controller, later this year. Fingers crossed!

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