Finally, the game that peaked our interest way back at E3 2015 has arrived. Whether you’ve been currently playing Guerrilla Games Horizon Zero Dawn, or just picked it up, here are some useful hints to help you out in the harsh, mechanically overridden world.

1. If you haven’t noticed already, Horizon Zero Dawn is a game filled with history. When you’re out adventuring and come across rubbled city structures or archaic ruins, be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings. Data logs of audio and text are scattered around the game which helps to piece together an echo of what the world once was.

2.  Looting and crafting is a big part of Horizon Zero Dawn, but you won’t need every single thing you pick up, so sell them. Merchants will want metal shards and specific items for trade, so be sure to only sell items labelled with ‘selling to merchants for metal shards’. This is easily identified in your inventory screen.
3. On that note be sure to also collect free treasure boxes. Every new merchant you come across in the world has a sample treasure box that’s free. You’ll receive items in the form of shards, crafting equipment or gear that will come in handy.
4. Hunt wildlife as often as you can, so you can craft travel packs and other needed items quickly. There is a fast travel feature in Horizon Zero Dawn, but it’s not for free. You’ll have to use fast travel packs to get you from point A to B, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty in order early in order to reduce the travel time later on.
5. Be sure to utilise mods. You’ll be picking up modifications for your gear constantly, so be sure to re-socket your weapons and armour with the best mods you have. It can make a huge difference in combat, especially early on in the game.
6. Match your armour by play-style. Are you stealthy or a brawler? In Horizon Zero Dawn armour is always a trade off, so let it compliment how you’re choosing to play the game. Go light if you want to be stealthy (or fight from a distance), go heavy if you’re keen to get up close and personal.
7. Forage for plants. Specifically red plants, as they give you health. The great thing about this game is each red plant you pick up stacks underneath your health bar, so the more you collect the better.
Horizon Zero Dawn 2
8. Use your Focus as much possible. The little piece of hardware Aloy finds in the very beginning of the game is extremely useful. You’ll want to use it often to scan your environment for enemies, their weaknesses, items, and other hostile threats.
9. Pay attention to what level you are, more so what level quests and activities in certain zones are. If you’re having immense difficulty with a particular instance, it’s probably because you’re not the right level for it.
10. Override all the machines. Once you get this perk certain machines will be able to do your bidding. Aloy will be able to take control of these machines for a certain amount of time, which can really help you out when there are multiple enemies.
Horizon Zero Dawn is now available on Playstation 4. Have you played it or come across some neat tricks? Let us know in the comments.


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