So you’re probably wondering why I’m suddenly typing out an Editor’s Note again, when I originally planned it to be video only from here on out. Well, after the issues I had a few weeks ago trying to record one, to the issues we’re having at home trying to set things up with NBN (long story short, we need a new modem/router), I’ve been left to just typing. For now.

The NBN thing is a little annoying. All this time waiting, then we’re finally told it’s ready to go, only to find the router we have (which, on the packaging, states it’s NBN ready) … isn’t ready at all. We need a specific modem/router for our service, which is disappointing to find out the day we’re able to start using it. Oh well.

Anyway, beyond those silly little things, once I’m all properly set up again with a much faster connection, things will be picking up the pace here. I’ve been away from the house the last few days housesitting, so the output has been slowed a little because of that. Never fear though, as it will pick right back up again and hopefully more so once I’m home again. It feels weird to be in and out of my own house so much lately, and with stocktake coming up at work again soon it’s going to become even more unusual.

The good news is, the plans I’ve been waiting to put into place will soon be brought to life. I’ve had a schedule in my head as to what I want to do with Twitch/YouTube streaming, etc for a good while now, and I’ve settled on the idea of smaller ‘shows’ than long stream sessions. Why? Well for one, living in Perth does have its limits due to the nature of time. Being two or three hours back from Sydney and Melbourne means any streaming I do here would take place fairly late there, and that’s the target audience to begin with.

Secondly, at least to begin with, I’m not entirely keen on spending every waking hour online. Everyone else does that already, of course, so why should they decide to start watching me if I’m doing the same as everyone else?

So the shows will be targeting specific crowds at specific times, catering for adaption when the need arises and keeping streams to a shorter, more manageable level for everyone involved. Right now, I’m thinking an Indie specific session, followed by a retro show and perhaps bringing across our recording of the PN2 Party Chat Podcast to a live show in the future.

The idea is to incorporate streaming into the existing architecture, with an increase in YouTube videos to match along with the standard level of articles where possible. In other words, there will be something for everyone.


Something I’ll be bringing into the video version of Editor’s Note (which should be back with you next week if all goes as planned) is a tip of the week section. This will be a little bit serious, a little bit comedy, and all around helpful tips on life in and outside of video games. I like to think I have a few things I can share with the world, given what I’ve seen an learnt so far in life. Granted, I’m still learning, but that will come into it too.

This week’s tip is rather simple, really. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. I’ve said this before, and I’m happy to say it again. In no matter what you do in life, don’t go overboard unless the result or the payoff is worth it. Keeping things simple provides a little elegance to the package, whether that means reducing the amount of popups or images in your YouTube videos or the amount of cheese you put into your sandwich (trust me when I say, I love cheese, but sometimes it can be a little too much).

Oh, one more thing before I go. If you haven’t already checked it out, I do have a Patreon at the moment. It kinda follows the above tip of the week, since I’ve updated it. If you think this little website is entertaining, or you got something out of your time here, I’d love it if you could join us on this adventure by donating. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m not going to suggest you do it for free, oh no. I’ll be giving things away when I can to the lucky few who do join in on the PN2 train of enlightenment, so why not swing on by to the site and give us a helping hand 🙂

And that’s it. I’ll be back in video form hopefully next week. Keep those fingers crossed that the NBN comes through the way it’s supposed to real soon. Until then, take care and keep playing!

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