Perth’s own Paradigm will be launching on April 5th, bringing along its quirky cast of characters and a classic point and click adventure along with it.

Haven’t heard of it yet? Developed by Jacob Janerka with music by Jonas Kjellberg, Paradigm tells the story of the title character, who must attempt to escape a dangerous genetics corporation that profits from the sale of ‘prodigy’ children to rich parents who want their legacy to continue in the right hands. Said genetics company is owned and operated by a Sloth, with a rather familiar hairstyle. The heroes dream is to make electronic music, and it’s up to you to help make that happen whilst trying to evade the company that made you and left you and your unusual body for dead.

Paradigm follows in the same tradition of the classic LucasArts branded adventure games, whilst putting its own spin on it thanks to a cast of unusual creations and quirky animations. It’s a point and click adventure in the truest sense of the word, though no doubt it will be remembered for far more than that.

FYI, Paradigm means ‘a typical example or pattern of something.’ Clearly you, as the hero, are out to break that pattern into something new and altogether original. No doubt there will be plenty of references to our modern ways of life and the society we find ourselves buried within, amongst plenty of jokes and unusual situations that perhaps fans of Rick and Morty might appreciate.

You can discover more about Paradigm when it finally releases next month. While you wait, you can download and try out a demo of the game via the official website, to see whether it appeals to you beyond the above trailer.

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