In case you’re too busy playing with your new Switch toys, or you completely missed the Nintendo 64 era, there’s a new HD remake heading to PC this week that revives an FPS classic. It’s the second such HD update to the once mighty Turok franchise, and it looks set to deliver on the nostalgia whilst bringing along a few new tricks.

Turok, if you recall, was a franchise that originated back in the Iguana Entertainment days. During the 90’s, the team were prolific in their development of new IP and later became an integral part of Acclaim’s success during the N64 and Playstation days. Of course, we all know the fate of both studios (unfortunately), but Nightdive Studios have done us all a solid by bringing back a series that launched with the Nintendo 64 itself and, outside of Perfect Dark and Goldeneye, was considered one of the best first person shooters on consoles.

Nightdive handled the first Turok rebuild a few years ago on Steam, and have since been hard at work translating the lessons learn there to the sequel. Whilst Turok 2 was considered a step up over its original when first released, it’s the fan favourite Cerebral Bore that everyone fondly remembers. This deadly device allowed you to (you guessed it) literally drill out the brains of a nearby enemy. Brutal. Of course now you’ll be able to see it in a whole new light, through a new rendering and lighting system that maintains the overall shapes and designs of the original, but with a new spit and polish.

Add to that, Nightdive have seen fit to include a new multiplayer mode that mixes together existing and new concepts, including the new ‘Last Turok Standing’ mode amongst a host of weapons, levels and modes.

I do have fond memories of Turok (I do hope Nightdive eventually gets to Turok: Rage Wars), so it’s great to see it in the public eye again. Given the success of the first HD re-release, I expect nothing less than an entertaining spectacle when Turok 2 lands March 17th.

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