We’ve listed ten tips to make the most of your Zelda experience. Now, here’s ten other ways you can play Nintendo’s Switch launch title … if only to make the most out of every possible scenario…

1. The Cooking Show

You could spend all waking hour finding hidden shrines and the like, but how about discovering every possible dish? Go out, explore and research every possible food or potion combination. Fish, mine, kill … whatever it takes to be the best chef in Hyrule.

2. Ride-Along

Horses are just one possible way to explore Hyrule. Test your stamina abilities and try to ride a Deer, skeleton horse, even a wild bear … because nothing says ‘I’m ready for the world’ more than riding a giant frickin’ bear! SIDE NOTE: You can’t save an animal other than a horse in a stable, so try finishing the game by journeying on a bear instead of teleporting across the map.

3. Skin Trade

Want another interesting challenge? Beyond the joke reactions from various patrons of this fine land, try completing certain harsh environment challenges without relying on clothes. Through a steady mix of potions and food items, it’s possible to reach the coldest and hottest places on the map and survive long enough to complete certain tasks.

4. Ignore the Shrines

Beyond the initial shrines you have to complete to get the paraglider, it’s possible to complete the game without spending on new hearts or stamina improvements. Some speed runners have made it to Hyrule Castle in this fashion and while the final battle is a major challenge, there’s the potential of beating the game with just a handful of hearts. You can continue the game proper if you don’t want to finish it too fast, just ignore the benefits of the shrines and hunt around for better equipment instead.

5. Only Use Bombs

Swinging a sword or a bow is easy. Beating every major boss or creature in the game with just bombs? It might take a lot longer to complete, but it’s not impossible. Considering you have unlimited bombs anyway, at least this way you won’t have to worry about losing a weapon during combat or not having enough arrows.

6. Multiplayer Mayhem!

Breath of the Wild is a single player game … or so they say. Given the portability of the Switch, it’s easy to develop a few quick rounds of versus that has you and another player (or more) competing to see who can get from one place on the map to another the fastest. Throw in a few curve balls like ‘you can’t use the paraglider’ or ‘horses only’.

7. Starve?

Food is a key factor in surviving the harshest of terrains. What would happen if you didn’t eat? Survive solely on potions or making it through certain areas through stealth to avoid damage instead.

8. Turn Your Map Off

The most obvious way to make things more interesting in Breath of the Wild is ‘Pro Mode’, which not only turns the map off in the lower right hand corner of your screen, but also turns off things like weather notifications, the sneak meter and whether you’re in hot or cold conditions. Manage yourself by simply looking at your surroundings and how Link reacts to where you are instead.

9. Photobomb

Set yourself some tasks that involve trying to take selfies at the most awkward of moments. Perhaps it’s during a major battle, or right on the very edge of a cliff. It’s a feature many of us ignore, but it’s a lot of fun to see Link smiling whilst a Guardian explodes behind him. Better still, try to capture Ganon’s good side…

10. Play Horizon Zero Dawn

Wait, what?

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