What would make Gwent an even better game? How about taunting your opposition as they mull over their potential loss to your superior card playing skills!

CD Projekt Red has outlined the latest update to Gwent, which is still in a beta phase, detailing the addition of a bunch of new board details, card outlines and adjustments. But far more important than that, you can now taunt during every game. Now to be fair, there’s a couple of nice options (I’ve constantly said ‘oooh, nice move’ during a game anyway), but I can see a lot of people using these to their advantage.

In terms of new strategies, you can now place your chosen cards on any spot on a row, which opens up new play styles and can alter their abilities depending on where you place them. I haven’t even considered that coming into play before, so I’ll be interested to see how that comes into play. If you’re a part of the Beta right now, you should have access to these and a few other updates from today. If, however, you haven’t signed up for the beta yet, head to the official website and get cracking. There’s no release date for Gwent coming out of its beta phase just yet, but you can tell it’ll be worth it when it does.

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