While we’re less than a month away from GX Australia, an update from the team has laid down the sad truth behind the newest Australian con. Unfortunately, it won’t be back next year … at least, not in its current form.

The main reason? Expenses. The cost to run a convention as big and diverse as GX is rather high, and according to an update from organisers Joshua Meadows and Liam Esler, those costs were too high to keep GX running. An unreliable level of corporate sponsorship, which came about due to a number of potential sponsors pulling out at the last minute, was the potential last straw.

This isn’t the sort of position we want to be in and it’s devastating to both of us to deliver this news a month out from GX Australia 2017. We know the audience for the event is there, and we know how much it means to so many of you — that couldn’t have been any clearer to us at last year’s closing ceremony when so many of you shared your beautiful experiences about what GX was for you. It was heartwarming and inspiring to hear how many people overcame social anxiety to attend, or the distances they had travelled to get to the event, or how GX was the first time they didn’t worry about how they presented themselves to others. We heard from so many of you that it was the first place where you didn’t feel uncomfortable or worried about yourselves, how welcoming and loved other attendees made you feel, and how supported the weekend made you.

– Joshua Meadows & Liam Esler, GX Australia Organisers

The reality of the situation isn’t as clean cut as ‘people don’t to sponsor the event.’ Many former sponsors are Government funded educational institutions, many of which have had funding cuts of their own over the past year. Those cuts have led to decreased levels of support for local events, which in this case includes GX Australia. But there is a silver lining, with Joshua and Liam confirming there will be further announcements of future plans at the GX Australia closing ceremony.

We want to wish the team well for the future, starting with GX Australia 2017 this April 28th and 30th at the Sydney Showgrounds. Go show your support to the team and the many volunteers who have put an immense amount of time and effort over the past three years.

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