If you’ve been spending every waking hour of the past few years wondering what it would be like to be a Goose, besides asking ‘why on Earth are you thinking about being a Goose?’, please allow us to introduce to you a newly announced game that might quench your imagination.

The currently branded Untitled Goose Game will have you playing as said waterfowl through a stealth-lite puzzle game, allowing you to cause all kinds of trouble in and around a farm and the poor, unbeknownst groundskeeper caught in the middle. Think Splinter Cell, but replace bloodletting and throat slitting with vegetable stealing and bread eating.

There’s not a huge amount of explanation as to why you’d be playing as a stealth goose, but the teaser trailer does reveal an amusing to do list that will have you searching for a collection of items across the map in order to have a picnic, stealing a set of keys and, for some reason, putting a hat on the groundskeeper. Silly as the Goose may be, at least he’s sun safe.

This sounds entirely absurd yet incredibly charming, so it comes as no surprise that the idea originates from the same Melbourne based studio that attached two humans together like CatDog to push a ball around inside a wrestling ring (aka House House and their sport-ish hit, Push Me Pull You).

Untitled Goose Game currently has a rough release date of 2018. While we wait impatiently for the madness to come, you can check out the preview footage above or head to the House House website to suggest a possible title. Smart money is on ‘The Goose is Loose’.

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