PlayNicePlayNow (PN2) is the Perth based gaming entertainment of Kartanym Productions, focusing exclusively on YouTube Let’s Play videos, feature articles and essays on the gaming world both here in Australia and the great beyond.

Our biggest focus is on the independent scene, of games we want to play and share with the world. Whether that’s through the written word or through videos, it’s all about the enjoyment of this industry and the joy it can bring to us all.

That’s why we called ourselves PN2. Play Nice Play Now. Playing nice with those around us, whether they be friends or family, or just a loyal reader such as yourself. Playing now means just that, playing everything we can now while we have a chance. We’re in the most envious era of the gaming industry, one where anyone, anywhere can make a video game and bring light, fun and engaging content to the masses. We’re in the business of sharing those with you, so you don’t miss a hidden gem.

Like to be part of the team? We’re always on the lookout for more writers our YouTube and Twitch regulars willing to and able to contribute to our cause. Be sure to get in touch with us here.

For business relations or advertising opportunities, be sure to email us here.

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