Mark Isaacson is a freelance journalist, writer and creator of PN2, based out of Perth, Western Australia.

me01Mark has spent nearly twenty years of his life writing in some way or form. He has studied both screenwriting (FTI Fremantle) and Creative Writing (Curtin University), having previously graduated in Applied IT at Murdoch University.

His earliest journalist experience came during 2002 on MobyGames and More recently he’s contributed to Game Informer Magazine Australia, Press Start Australia, Pixels for Breakfast and Indie Game Magazine.

Mark is also the co-creator of Kartanym Productions, but currently spends most of his time writing on and building up PN2. If future plans pay off, he hopes PN2 will be a home for creative opinion pieces, the sharing of fun and unique indie games and entertainment, and perhaps the home of his own indie game projects.

Currently playing: Fallout 4, No Man’s Sky, Deus Ex Go

Twitter: @Mark_D_Isaacson


qVHTnN-VMichael Vane is a freelance journalist, copywriter, film blogger and amateur screenwriter based in Newcastle, Australia. He studied Communications at Griffith University, and his writing has previously been published in Australian Game Informer and Phantasmagoria Magazine.

Mike’s job here at PN2 is to scour the internet for the finest and most bizarre indie games and share his discoveries with you (with numerous references to The Simpsons).

His plans outside of world domination include developing an indie games podcast and reaching a position where he can write about film and gaming fulltime.

Mike has surpassed his target of  seeing 52 new films in 2016. Ask him which titles he recommends.

Currently playing: Block’Hood, Battlefield 1, Witcher 3

Twitter: @DrVane



20160501_173933Melody Lynn is a co-founder of Kartanym Productions, parent company to PN2, in Perth, WA. She’s an extreme nerd and has spent most of her life playing video and role playing games.

Melody has been a Half-Elven Cleric in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, a grumpy mechanic in Firefly: The Roleplaying Game, a political pole climber Toreador in Vampire: The Dark Ages, a Solo in Cyberpunk 2020, a Tiefling Warlock in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition and is currently a Dwarven Paladin in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

As a contributor to PN2, Melody hopes to share her experiences as a Dungeon Master with the community and beyond.

Currently Playing: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, RWBY: Grim Eclipse, Diablo 3.


Tim_BioPicTim Pearce is an aspiring novelist, screenwriter and content creator, living in Adelaide, South Australia, and is close to finishing his Diploma in Professional Writing.

Tim has been gaming ever since he could hold a controller, and has a keen interest in retro games, Indies, and Triple A titles, in all genres, but especially those with moving or deep story lines.

His short terms goal is to build his own empire known as MeatbaitMedia, to help establish himself as a writer and content creator, and his long-term goal is to see his projects published or produced into feature length films and ultimately sustain a full-time writing career.

Currently Playing: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Crashlands, and Rocket League.

Facebook: MeatbaitMedia



Sunita Osborne is a freelance journalist and an art graduate. She studied a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Griffith Queensland College of Art where she minored in Art Theory and Interactive Media.

During her degree, she developed a keen interest in writing. She’s also dabbled in making her artwork into fully interactive games. Her love for video games is matched only by her love of writing, which she hopes she can make a living off of one day.

Her interests include but are not subject to, video games, cartoons, photography, digital painting, drawing, writing, music, archery, technology, time travel, electronic llamas, spaceship aerodynamics, and video games x2.

Currently Playing: The Elder Scrolls Online, Stardew Valley, Monster Hunter Generations and No Man’s Sky.


Tyler Davis is a digital communicator and lifelong proponent of video games. He lives in Boston, MA in the U.S. and works in higher education communications and digital media. Tyler cut his teeth on games like Baldur’s Gate, the original Warcraft, and Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire. Predictably, he’s become a fan of RPG video games as well as the ones involving pen, paper, and dice.

Tyler loves all games but has a special place in his heart for indie titles. He is pursuing a career in the gaming industry while collecting as many achievements as he can. One day, Tyler hopes to work on narrative and character design. In the meantime, he is an active member of the indie gamedev community in Boston and is earning a master’s degree in creative writing and literature at Harvard.

Twitter: @TDavis179